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Some Notes on an Experimental Ormus Effect Technology
Employing Magnetite Sand and Exotic Mineral Compounds
for Transforming Water and Other Liquids

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last revision date: 12/31/2023

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Introduction to the Basic Magnetite Effect Ormus Water (MEOW) Transformation Technology

This article is an introduction to technology which employs large masses of magnetite black sand (or mixtures containing magnetite black sand) for transforming bottled water and other liquids via a passive proximity effect, i.e., a field effect, thus converting them over time into a liquid which exhibits properties as a powerful nutritional supplement above and beyond any nutritional properties exhibited by the liquid prior to treatment. In devices employing this technology, the mass of magnetite sand is not in direct contact with the water or with other liquids under treatment, but the passive close-proximity of the water or liquid to the mass of magnetite sand seems to allow production or creation (aka "manifestation") of ormus (aka monoatomic or monatomic) forms of certain elements, or the infusion of ormus-type energies or effects, in the liquid which has been treated via this non-contact and non-chemical treatment. I call this technology by the name magnetite effect ormus water or MEOW. Such non-chemical, non-contact treatment of water and other liquids via field effect treatment is sometimes referenced in industrial journals and chemistry journals as physical water treatment, aka PWT. However, it is important to note that the term PWT can and does denote and of a wide range of water treatment technologies with a wide range of intended effects, whereas the induction of ormus-like effects -- which is the topic of this current article -- comprises only a tiny subset of the effects usually denoted by the terms physical water treatment or PWT. Therefore, in recognition of the broad and vague range of meanings, and also the industrial connotations, of the term physical water treatment, I  have chosen to coin the term magnetite effect ormus water (aka MEOW) to describe this magnetite field effect technology. I have also developed a number of instantiations of two somewhat related but somewhat more advanced technologies. Most of these instantiations employ masses of magnetite black sand as well; I call one such technology by the name vortex field effect or VFE, and the second technology by the name vortex field radiator, or VFR. I will share herein the results of some of my research with each of these technologies, particularly the MEOW technology.

A Note on Boring Terms, Not-so-Boring Terms, and a Short Glossary

Incidentally, after having spent a number of months playing with the MEOW technologies, I grew very tired of calling the devices by the rather boring and tiring term magnetite devices and of calling the resultant water magnetite effect water. So, in short order, I coined the term magnetite effect ormus water, aka MEOW, which you have seen used above and elsewhere on this website. However, that still left me with the rather drab and boring term device, as in MEOW device, when describing the devices. And so, while I may use the term MEOW device or device at times when discussing this technology, more often than not you may find me calling these devices by the names MEOW kettle or MEOW alembic. My choice of the term "kettle" hardly needs explaining; it is a word with a long history which denotes a deep hollow container for holding water, and which also often, but not always, denotes an iron container as well. And, since magnetite is a mineral which is very rich in iron, I figured that the term MEOW kettle would likely work just fine as an alternate term to describe a MEOW alembic. And, that leads to the second word, alembic. Why did I choose MEOW alembic as an alternate name for these devices? The reasons are manifold. First, the word alembic is an old word with deep roots going back to the early days of alchemy. And, one can hardly deny that these MEOW kettles skirt the edges of modern mainstream Western science, and would be considered to be more alchemy than mainstream science by most. But, there was also a second and even more compelling reason why I chose the term alembic: several dictionaries, including the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, list the primary meaning of alembic as a vessel, and another of the meanings of the word as "...anything that transforms, purifies, or refines.1"
So, please be forewarned that you will likely see me use the terms MEOW device, MEOW kettle and MEOW alembic rather interchangeably to indicate MEOW devices!

Some Background

I am a degreed scientist and a mystic. If you wish to learn more about my background and about my involvement with ormus materials and their use as nutritional supplements, please see the Background-Ormus & Me page on my site; it also offers links to further off-site information on my background and my scientific R&D and consulting work.

And Now, Let's Pause for a Directory to the Contents of This Page. . .
Now that you have had a brief introduction to magnetite effect ormus water, aka MEOW, and to me and my research work, it would be a good time to offer you a brief table of contents for this page, and, to some extent, for the whole website. Or, if you are a more experienced web user, please feel free to use the links bar to be found at the top and the bottom of this page and each page on the site. The Directory and Table of Contents appear immediately below. . .

A Brief Directory to Information Contained on This Page and on This Website

A Brief and Truncated History of Ormus Water and Vortex-type Water Treatment Devices

I have noticed over the past few years that several vendors have been offering "ormus water" devices which use high-speed blenders as "vortex generators" and fixed magnets with alternating poles taped or glued around the perimeter of the blender body; these devices are claimed to produce "magnetic ormus water" offering great benefit to humans. However, while it is my impression (verified by some of my work in the lab) that many of these devices do indeed impart certain changes to the physical properties of water, if only short-term, due to the effect of moving the water through the magnetic fields, my intuitive sense has always told me to totally avoid such gizmos, advising me that the water produced by such devices is not particularly useful or beneficial for me nor for most people whom I know (i.e., my consulting clients, etc.). In fact, various vendors of such devices have, over the years, offered to send me free samples for my use in testing, hoping to gain an endorsement from me for their products. In each case, these motorized magnetic vortex devices and similar treatment devices have left me cold, meaning that in each case, my intuition (some call it gut sense) told me that the technology was producing little or no beneficial effect in the water or juice (at least for me) which was treated. Thus, I have had little or no interest in these devices.

Introduction to the Magnetite Effect Water Treatment Device Developed by Dr. John V. Milewski

The only so-called "magnetic ormus water device" technology which I have ever encountered where my intuition immediately kicked in and told me that the resultant water produced by the device would have powerful and beneficial effects for me (and for many folks with whom I work on a consulting basis) was the field effect technology using magnetite sand popularized since about 2003 by Dr. John V. Milewski. The actual field effect technology has roots going back to at least the early 1950s and Wilhelm Reich's work in the deserts near Tucson regarding orgone energy (more on all this later on this page) but John Milewski was the first person to coherently present and popularize this concept within the past ten or twenty years, and to do so on the Internet.  The device to which I am referring is a design for a static and passive (i.e. the water is sitting still, not moving, and the device employs no moving magnets nor any other moving parts nor fields) water treatment device using a large mass of magnetite sand, where a bottle of water is immersed in a cylinder submerged inside a mass of magnetite sand for several days at a time before being drunk as a nutritional supplement. There are several webpages scattered across the web where John discuses his work with these devices, and also some of the results which he has observed. Some of the several websites featuring John's research work with these devices may be found at:

By the way, the first two of the pages linked above also contain basic instructions on how to construct your own basic magnetite water treatment device using cardboard and glue gun construction.

One last note before moving on: much as mentioned elsewhere on this page, I have, for convenience and ease when writing and speaking, started to use the term "magnetite effect ormus water" (aka MEOW) treatment to denote the basic device design originated by John Milewski, as well as some later generations of the technology which I have evolved here in my lab. I will tell you more about the basic MEOW technology in the sections to follow.

It This Really a Magnetic Effect?
I abhor the use of the terms "magnetic water" and "magnetic vortex" in association with these MEOW technologies, as I personally do not believe that the ferromagnetic properties of magnetite are significantly and directly connected with its subtle energy and ormus-like field effects; for more of my thoughts on this topic, you may wish to see the section below entitled Is the Effect Really Due to Magnetism? Is it Really a Magnetic Effect?

Earlier Work in this Realm: Related Devices
There is now a good body of accrued evidence that a number of experimenters, particularly in the Southwestern region of the US, and including Wilhelm Reich, employed magnetite sand for much the same field effect purposes as we are discussing here. For more information on this topic see the section below entitled Some Notes About Similar Magnetite Technologies From the Past.

Some Notes About the MEOW Device Technology

What is the Magnetite Effect Ormus Water (MEOW) Technology?

Much as referenced above and on John's webpages, a basic MEOW device is very simple: it consists of placing a bottle or jug of water (or other liquid or food) in the center of a mass of magnetite sand which surrounds it. The most common form of the device employs a cardboard oatmeal "can", or a one or two gallon bucket or other plastic container, filled to the top with magnetite black sand, and with a hollow cylinder such as a cardboard mailing or chunk of plastic pipe mounted vertically in the center. A bottle of spring water (or other liquid or food) may then be placed inside the hollow tube in the center so that it is totally immersed in and surrounded by a large cylindrical mass of magnetite sand weighing -- depending upon the design and size of the device -- anywhere from a few pounds to 50 pounds or more. A few photos of various instantiations of the basic MEOW device technology follow, to help to give you an even better idea of the concept:

basic cardbaord MEOW device; front view
The picture above shows two devices employing the basic MEOW technology and constructed using cardboard oatmeal "cans" and lengths of 3 inch OD cardboard mailing tube as the inner cylinder into which a water bottle (volume ranging from 12 ounces to 25 ounces) may be inserted for treatment. Each device holds from 8 to 10 pounds of magnetite sand. The bottles shown sitting inside the devices are 24 ounce PET bottles of spring water.
another view of the basic cardboard MEOW device; view from front and above

The photo above shows the same two cardboard MEOW devices, this time from an angle somewhat above the top of the devices. Note that in the device on the left, you may see the top surface of the magnetite sand which fills the inter-coaxial cylinder space, while in the device on the right, a cardboard donut or ring has been glued in place atop the mass of magnetite sand to add a greater degree of stability and structural integrity to the device, and also to serve as a dust shield.

photo of an acrylic tube version of the basic MEOW deviceThe photo above shows a larger and heavier version of a basic MEOW device, this one using transparent acrylic pipe for the inner and outer cylinders, and filled with about 24 pounds of magnetite sand; the device stands almost 14 inches tall. Please note the PVC plastic donut or ring mounted atop the mass of magnetite sand; the ring protects the sand from dust and from spills, and adds structural strength and stability to the device.

another simple and basic MEOW device, this one employing strong PVC pipe

The photo above shows an even larger and heavier version of the basic MEOW device, this one employing tough PVC pipe for the inner and outer cylinders. This version is filled with 26.5 pounds of magnetite black sand and stands almost 14 inches tall. The bottle shown sitting inside the inner cylinder is a 25 ounce PET bottle of spring water. Please note the phenolic laminate donut or ring mounted above the mass of magnetite sand; the ring protects the sand from dust and from spills, and adds structural strength and stability to the device.

an evenlarger instantiation of a basic MEOW device, this one using a 2 gallon bucket
The photo above shows an even larger version of a basic MEOW device, this one built into a 2 gallon plastic bucket (sitting about 9.6 inches tall) and using a length of 3" diameter PVC pipe as the center cylinder. The mass of magnetite alone in this version weighs about 48 pounds! The bottle shown sitting inside the inner cylinder is a 24 ounce PET bottle of spring water. Please note the PVC plastic donut or ring mounted above the mass of magnetite sand; the ring protects the sand from dust and from spills, and adds structural strength and stability to the device.

Is the Effect Really Due to Magnetism? Is it Really a Magnetic Effect?

It seems to have become very trendy in the ormus world and subtle energy world to claim that magnets, almost by default, create some kind of beneficial ormus effect, and in my opinion, this theory is a rather broad hammer that often seems to be applied rather indiscriminately and grossly misused, to the point that anything "magnetic" seems to be worshipped as healthful and beneficial in some circles. And, a number of folks in the magnetite effect ormus water (MEOW) world have stated that they believe that the beneficial field effects observed with magnetite are largely due to its magnetic properties, and some have speculated that the mass of ferromagnetic magnetite sand material in a MEOW kettle, along with the Earth's magnetic field, somehow induces a "magnetic vortex" inside the bottle of water inserted into such a kettle.

Based upon wide-ranging observations and upon intuition, it is my personal belief that the ferromagnetic properties of magnetite sand are largely not directly responsible for the majority of the ormus-like (aka "soft ormus) effect exhibited by magnetite sand. Rather, I believe that the vast majority of the subtle energy field effect which seems to induce ormus-like effects is due to ormus-like matter which is "caged" -- and therefore protected -- inside the crystal lattice of magnetite and many other ores and compounds which often co-occur with magnetite in nature. In particular, it seems that co-occurring ores which are high in either the metallic/ionic forms or the harder-to-detect "ormus" forms of transition elements, including so-called precious metals and particularly including rare earths, are also largely responsible for the beneficial field effect. And this also explains why, in later sections on the page and on the Magnetite Sources page on this website, I often stress the fact that -- dependent, of course, upon the exact nature and composition of the co-occurring ores and minerals found along with a particularly magnetite sand lode -- it is often NOT advisable to attempt to purify wild-harvested (aka "wildcrafted) magnetite sand to a great degree, and rather, for maximal effect and benefit, it is often highly advisable to leave anywhere from 8% to 60% by weight -- and even more, in some unique cases -- of co-occurring non-magnetic ore sand in the raw magnetite sand. In fact, many of us who work in the field feel that while even rather pure magnetite (i.e., high-purity industrial grade magnetite powder) will usually exhibit the baseline beneficial ormus field effects, it seems that only the rather "impure" raw magnetite sand, that is, magnetite sand which still contains large amounts of non-magnetic minerals and ores, which exhibit the more exotic and powerful ormus field effects such as darkening of gray or white hair and other rapid changes in health and vitality in those who ingest the MEOW-treated water as a nutritional supplement.

A Note About the "Pure Magnetite" Dissenting Faction
I must note here that some of the "old-timers" in the MEOW field still prefer to believe that the beneficial MEOW effects are due to the magnetic properties of magnetite and thus prefer to use only very high purity (i.e., high magnetite content) magnetite in MEOW kettles, and some of these persons contact me occasionally, telling me that they are disturbed that other researchers, including myself, are starting to advocate using mixtures of magnetite sand and co-occurring sands which are high in ormus. Some of these "magnetic traditionalists" try to convince me that the non-magnetic sands found co-occurring with magnetite, while they may exhibit high ormus content and also significant levels of transition elements and precious metals, may often contain significant levels of "toxic metals", such as lead, mercury and cadmium. This seems to bother them quite a bit, and I reassure them that while it is likely true that some of the co-occurring non-magnetite sands may indeed contain such components, there is no hazard to users of MEOW technology, since the water in such devices is never placed in direct contact with the sands, and rather, the water is exposed to the sands only via a proximity field effect.

Some Advanced Versions of MEOW Technology and Some Other Magnetite Technologies

I have designed and constructed a large number of MEOW kettles here for my own research purposes. Some of the devices employed a traditional or basic MEOW design, where my design for the mechanical portion of the kettle was very similar to that of John's. However, I have also developed several related MEOW technologies, such as the MEOW SM-0, SM-0.6,  SM-1, SM-2 and SM-3 model which also employ powerful magnets in a unique geometry and which appear to be far more powerful and to render effects upon water more quickly than the traditional MEOW kettle technology; these advanced technologies and models will be discussed further in the following sections, below. 

Supplemental Mixture for Magnetite Black Sand

One primary early modification was that I chose -- based upon intuitive guidance -- to add 1% of EM ceramic powder and 2% to 3% of a special mixture of rock and mineral dust and sand to the magnetite, in order to enhance some of the effects. (EM is a name for one type of commercially-available syntropic antioxidative microbial (SAM) consortia culture from the SAM Type 4 category.) While I now work with several type soft magnetite black sand which I obtain from John Milewski as well as magnetite sand from many other sources as well, I still employ this supplemental mixture with a great many (but not all) of the various types of magnetite black sand which I employ in my devices. For most of my formulations of the supplemental mixture, I add from 16 to 20 ounces of the supplemental mixture to 25 to 30 pounds of magnetite sand. If you wish to see more details on how I make this supplemental mixture, please see the Build Your Own page on this website; I also offer this supplemental or amendment mixture for sale to experimenters and researchers; please see the product catalog page for more details.

Enhanced Versions of MEOW Technology Employing Powerful Magnets

As mentioned briefly above, I eventually designed and constructed a number of more advanced devices which employed large and powerful static magnets as well (the magnets are used not for their magnetic fields, but for an exotic energy field which is emitted perpendicular to the axis of the magnetic dipole.) I also later developed a cohering or "organizing" antenna-type technology to help to further boost the power and effectiveness of these devices, and also several slightly-related vortex technologies which employ magnetite sand as well. All of these vortex technology devices are, like the MEOW devices, passive devices, that is, they are non-powered and  non-motorized. I have assigned names to some of the technologies with which I have worked and played, as follows:

  • I call the traditional or basic technology developed by John the "traditional MEOW technology", or "basic MEOW technology". However, I have developed some larger, more massive, sturdier and more robust versions of these MEOW kettles using modern plastics and plastic laminates, and also employing syntropic antioxidative microbe technology; some of the devices also employ powerful magnets in a unique geometry, resulting in a more powerful effect and a far quicker treatment time. Many of these designs expose the bottle of water at the center to a much larger (and often taller as well) mass of magnetite sand than seen in the traditional cardboard versions, with a greater radial cross-section of magnetite sand surrounding the bottle. These devices usually hold from 20 to 28 pounds of magnetite black sand. I offer largely-assembled fill-it-yourself prototype versions of some these devices on the prototype product catalog page.

  • I called the first generation of the MEOW kettles which employ powerful magnets to amplify the effect the MEOW SM-0 technology. This technology appears to be more powerful than the traditional or basic MEOW technology; the MEOW SM-0 device seems to achieve in about eight hours many of the effects seen with the traditional MEOW kettle design after 3 days of treatment. I share a few more details about this technology on the Build Your Own page on this website. 
  • I have named the next generation of the MEOW kettles which employ powerful magnets to amplify the effect the MEOW SM-0.6 technology. This version of the technology appears to be more powerful than the traditional or basic MEOW technology, and also more powerful than the MEOW SM-0 design mentioned above; the SM-0.6 kettle seems to achieve in about 3 hours many of the effects seen with the traditional MEOW kettle design after 3 days of treatment. I share a few more details about this technology on the Build Your Own page on this website. 

  • I call the next generation of the more powerful MEOW kettle designs employing powerful magnets the MEOW SM-1 technology; this version seems to achieve in about 1.5 hours the effects seen with the traditional MEOW design after 3 days of treatment.  I share a few more details about this technology on the Build Your Own page on this website.

  • I call the next generation of the more powerful devices employing powerful magnets the MEOW SM-2 technology; this version seems to achieve in under an hour many of the effects seen with the traditional design after 3 days. However, the drawback is that this design employs a very large and powerful magnet, and thus precautions are needed in handling and shipping these devices.  I share a few more details about this technology on the Build Your Own page on this website. I also offer largely-assembled fill-it-yourself prototype versions of this device on the prototype product catalog page.

  • I call the next generation of the more powerful MEOW kettles employing powerful magnets the MEOW SM-3 technology; this model seems to achieve in under a half hour many of the effects seen with the traditional design after 3 days. However, even more so than the SM-2 version of the technology, the MEOW SM-3 version of the technology employs massive and very powerful magnets, and the kettle (aka alembic) must be built into a 5 gallon plastic bucket to ensure at least minimal shielding of the magnets from the outside world. Some of the technology in this realm is proprietary. I offer largely-assembled fill-it-yourself prototype versions of this device on the prototype product catalog page.

  • I call the three-element cohering antenna-type technology which I developed as an enhancement to MEOW design by the name "spiral cohering antenna", or by the abbreviation "SCA". Currently, the SCA feature is available only as an enhancement built into an advanced version of the MEOW SM-3 device known as the MEOW SM-3-SCA version (this version of the MEOW SM-3 device is also available on the prototype product catalog page in a largely-assembled, fill-it-yourself version.)

  • I have developed several experimental advanced versions of the MEOW technology which do not employ powerful fixed magnets but rather which employ a loosely-wound solenoidal coil around the outer shell of the device; in various versions the coil is powered either by very low voltage/low current DC, or by square or pulsed waveforms. I call this family of devices the MEOW HELIX line. As with the MEOW SM-0 through SM-3 models, some of the technology in this realm is proprietary.

  • I call the passive (non-motorized, non-powered) vortex type of field effect technology by the name "vortex field effect" or by the abbreviation VFE. When the material used in the VFE design is magnetite black sand, I call it a VFE-MEOW device.  VFE devices do not employ batch treatment as seen in the traditional MEOW devices, and rather, employ a flow-thru design. This is markedly unlike the traditional MEOW design wherein a bottle of water is placed inside a MEOW device for a period of time for treatment, but rather, the user pours a cupful or two of water through a VFE device for treatment, and the water emerges into a cup or pitcher a few seconds later, after having been treated. I offer an experimental prototype version of this VFE-MEOW device on the prototype product catalog page.

  • There also exists in my R&D laboratory other flow-thru VFE designs which do not employ magnetite black sand as the field effect "emitter", but rather employ certain exotic mineral ores; one of these, which employs an exotic mineral ore and semiprecious gemstones, is known as the VFE-EGGS type device. Like all of my MEOW devices and advanced MEOW devices (i.e., the MEOW SM-0.6, SM-1, SM-2 and SM-3 designs), the VFE devices also employ syntropic antioxidative microbe technology as well; this is a technology which employs SAM, a consortium of beneficial syntropic antioxidative microbes. I offer an experimental prototype version of the VFE-EGGS device on the prototype product catalog page.

  • There exists in my lab one additional type of VFE technology, and it is known as VFE radiant technology, or VFER technology. However, rather than treating water, it is designed to emit a radiant conical field of the "magnetite field effect" suitable for use in treating the whole body (i.e., of a person) with this "field" to impart natural subtle energies to the body similar to those to which the body would be exposed if living in a mountainous region heavily impregnated with large masses of magnetite-bearing rock and other beneficial mineral ores. The radiant field emitted by the device is analogous to a flashlight beam in that the VFER device emits a conical "beam" of the "magnetite field effect" which extends for an effective distance of at least 20 feet. I hope, by June 1007, to offer an experimental prototype version of the VFER device on the prototype product catalog page.

"SAM Inside" -- Syntropic Antioxidative Microbe Technology is Used in All My MEOW Devices and Prototype Kits

I must pause briefly here to note that all of my MEOW devices (including my advanced MEOW devices (i.e., the MEOW SM-1, SM-2 and SM-3 designs), and all of my VFE devices, including the VFER devices, and also all of the proof-of-principle prototype largely-assembled fill-it-yourself devices offered on the product page, each employ syntropic antioxidative microbe (SAM) technology as well as incorporating the expected ormus and MEOW technologies. Syntropic antioxidative microbe technology employs a consortium of beneficial microbes which exhibit marked ormus-like and subtle energy effects; it appears to enhance many of the effects of MEOW and VFE devices.

Notes on Magnetite Black Sand and Sources Thereof

I may have mentioned earlier that John and I, as well some other researchers in the field with whom we have consulted, feel that the beneficial effects of the magnetite may not be due simply to the strong paramagnetic properties of the mineral, but likely also due to the rare earths and ormus-type forms of minerals and rare trace elements which are found in the magnetite sand. For more details on this topic, please see the section entitled All Magnetite Sands are Not Created Equal on the Sources of Magnetite Sand page on this website.

Notes on Designing and Building MEOW Devices

I have designed and constructed a large number of MEOW devices here for my own research. Some of the devices were of traditional design, where my design for the mechanical portion of the device was very similar to that of the traditional MEOW devices. I have also developed several related technologies which appear to be more powerful and to render effects upon water more quickly than when treated in the traditional MEOW devices. Please see the Build Your Own page on this website for further details on each of these technologies. Please note also that at least two of the webpages by John Milewski (links appear earlier in this page) also contain basic instructions on how to construct your own basic magnetite water treatment device using cardboard and glue gun construction.

Notes on Effects, Time Span of Treatment, Duration of Effects

Some Notes on Using MEOW Devices

Many folks have asked me for hints regarding quick and easy, cheap and dirty ways to potentize the water from these MEOW devices. A few hints follow; more will be added as feasible:

  • I usually find that distilled or RO or otherwise demineralized water seems to create or "hold" the least effect when treated in such devices, and that water from ground sources with a goodly amount of natural mineralization, such as hard spring water, mineral water or well water seems to best build and hold the effects. 
  • For treatment with my own MEOW devices, I start with unfiltered mountain well water from my well, and then add a tiny amount of unrefined Himalayan sea salt (about 40 to 65 mg per liter; do not do this if you are sodium sensitive...) I keep in my kitchen a small glass bottle containing unrefined Himalayan sea salt which has been premixed with tiny amounts of Pascalite clay and EM Super Cera C ceramic powder) and use tiny amounts of that mixture for doping the water after filling the bottles with well water at my kitchen faucet prior to placing the bottles in the MEOW devices.

Optimal Treatment Times for Water in the Device

After considerable experimentation, I believe, based upon my experience with water treated in a traditional MEOW device made with cardboard construction (i.e., with a radial thickness of magnetite sand of about 0.92" and containing from 8 to 10.5 pounds of magnetite sand) that about 90% or more of the possible maximum beneficial effect seems to be accrued in the water after 3 full days of treatment (also known in the field as "3-day water"), and that treating the water for an additional day (thus yielding "4-day water") yields only a small additional incremental improvement, and that treating the water for a fifth day (thus yielding so-called "5-day water") yields an even smaller further incremental improvement. Thus, it seems optimal to drink water which has been treated for 3 days, or, at most, 4 days; there is little need to treat for a longer period. My intuition confirms this information. Again, please be reminded that these observations about length of treatment apply only to traditional MEOW devices made with cardboard construction and containing a relatively modest quantity of magnetite sand. Interestingly, in a chat with John Milewski, it emerged that he too has noticed much the same thing about diminishing returns after a treatment period of about 3 days in the cardboard devices, where the treatment effect seems to largely approach its peak by the end of three days of treatment. And, much as noted above, I also find an increase in the beneficial effects if I sprinkle a few small crystals (a tiny pinch) of Himalayan unrefined sea salt into the well water in each bottle of water when filling the bottles for use in my MEOW devices.

Here are my further impressions and observations about treatment with the traditional MEOW device:

  • for best effects, do not use distilled or reverse osmosis (RO) water, but rather use only natural spring water or well water or wilderness creek water -- i.e, naturally mineralized ground source water -- which has not been treated or filtered in any way, and which still retains the mineral and trace element content as placed there by nature via chemical and biochemical activity. High-quality seawater may also be used if you have a need for MEOW-treated seawater.

  • this comment is applicable to all MEOW technologies, and not only to the traditional MEOW kettles: it appears that the effects rendered by MEOW treatment will depend, to a very large extent, upon the properties/qualities of the magnetite sand which you employ as well as upon the properties/qualities of the water which is exposed to the magnetite for treatment, and even to some extent upon local telluric/earth energies (that is, ambient local subtle energies) and thus, effects you will notice will vary dependent upon all of these variables. 
  • Please remember that all available evidence indicates that it is not necessary to use high-purity magnetite sand to yield a good MEOW effect, as the results are often due not only to ormus properties contained in the magnetite but also to ormus properties of many of the co-occurring sands as well, and, in fact, the best effects often seem to happen when using a mixture of magnetite sands and other naturally co-occurring non-magnetic sands which are rich in ormus properties.
  • Please remember that the effect does not seem to be due to the magnetism (technically termed ferromagnetic properties) of magnetite per se, but rather to the ormus properties contained in many types of magnetite and co-occurring sands, along with an exotic energy field emitted from ferromagnetic materials perpendicular to the magnetic dipole.
  • the effect of the treatment is somewhat "deeper" or stronger if you add a very tiny amount (about 6 to 8 small grains per 20 oz bottle) of high quality Himalayan sea salt. You may need to treat any water so modified in the device for a bit longer to allow it to reach maximal level of effectiveness, as the "holding capacity" of the water has been increased.
  • while some folks have experimented with water treated for 4 days, 5 days or longer, it appears that the vast majority (over 94%) of the maximal effect is accrued after 3 days (i.e., 3 full days and 3 full nights) in the traditional treatment device, with the last 5% or 6% of benefit accruing only slowly past that point. Thus, 4 day water seems to exhibit only slightly greater strength than 3 day water, and 5 day water seems to exhibit only very slightly increased strength over 4 day water. In light of all this, a 3 day treatment period for the water appears to be optimal; we sometimes refer to this as "3 day water".
  • well water or spring water treated in the traditional ormus treatment device for 3 full days (i.e. 3 days and 3 nights) seems to retain at least 97% of the beneficial effect for at least 8 to 10 weeks, and at least 85% of the beneficial effect for at least 32 weeks.

  • natural juices or fruits or vegetables may also be treated in the device with great results

  • so far, it appears that syntropic antioxidative microbial (SAM) liquid (SAM Type 4 mother culture or SAM Type 4 brews) offers the greatest potency when treated in the device. Not only do effects seem to build or accrue from 4X to 25X faster than when treating most water, but the beneficial effect will usually be from 24X to 50X (or more) stronger than that found in water, dependent upon SG and composition (formula) of the SAM liquid, with the strongest effects noted for those varieties of SAM liquid which exhibit the highest SG/Brix, and particularly those which contain the most unrefined sea salt and rock dusts, particularly Pascalite (followed by Summa.)

  • syntropic antioxidative microbial (SAM) nutritional supplement liquid treated in the traditional MEOW treatment device for 3 full days (i.e. 3 days and 3 nights) seems to retain at least 97% of the beneficial effect for at least 40 weeks, and at least 85% of the beneficial effect for at least 2.4 years (27 months).
  • it is always best to place your MEOW kettles on the floor on the ground floor of a building, and positioned at least 3 feet from any nearby motors, appliances or electrical/electronic equipment.
  • on a related note to that above, if your MEOW kettles are located higher above ground than on the floor of a ground floor room of a building, or if they are located in a busy urban or suburban area with lots of electromagnetic pollution or electrosmog, then you may see a moderate dimunition of performance of your MEOW kettle after a few months. In more extreme cases, it may be necessary to recharge the magnetite in your MEOW kettle every few months by placing the kettle itself on bare ground in a pristine natural environment, or by pouring the magnetite sand from the kettle on the ground in a pristine natural environment; the length of the "recharging" period will usually need to range from 3 to 6 hours before the magnetite is recharged. Some researchers feel that exposure to sunlight during this "grounding" treatment is also important, but my own sense, including my intuitive sense, is that exposure of the magnetite to sunlight is not at all necessary and rather, that the "recharging" benefits come primarily from ground contact or near-ground proximity of the magnetite in a pristine natural setting. If your MEOW kettles are located on the floor in a ground floor room of a building located in a rather pristine and rather electrosmog-free environment, then your magnetite sand will likely never need recharging.

Here are my further impressions and observations about treatment with the MEOW SM-1 device, which appears to exhibit effects which are much stronger and more rapid than seen with the traditional MEOW device:

  • see suggestions regarding which types of water or other liquids (including syntropic antioxidative microbial (SAM) liquid) are optimal to use in the basic notes listed above for the traditional device.
  • water treated in the MEOW SM-1 device appears to reach the same point as 3-day water from the traditional MEOW device in about one hour and twenty minutes. Optimal treatment time for maximal effect is about one hour and 45 minutes (i.e., 1.75 hours.)

  • well water or spring water treated in the MEOW SM-1 device for 1.75 hours seems, just as appears true for 3-day water from the traditional version of the device, to retain at least 97% of the beneficial effect for at least 8 to 10 weeks, and at least 85% of the beneficial effect for at least 32 weeks.

  • syntropic antioxidative microbial (SAM) nutritional supplement liquid treated in the SM-1 treatment device for 0.75 hours (i.e. 45 minutes) seems, just as appears true for 3-day treated SAM liquid from the traditional version of the device, to retain at least 97% of the beneficial effect for at least 40 weeks, and at least 85% of the beneficial effect for at least 2.4 years (27 months).

Here are my impressions and observations about treatment with the SM-2 version of the MEOW device, which appears to exhibit effects which are about 3X stronger/faster than seen with the SM-1 version:

  • see suggestions regarding which types of water or other liquids (including SAM liquid) are optimal to use in the basic notes listed above for the traditional device.

  • water treated in a MEOW SM-2 device appears to reach the same point as 3-day water from the traditional device in about 35 minutes. Optimal treatment time for maximal effect is about 45 minutes (i.e., 0.75 hours.)

  • well water or spring water treated in a MEOW SM-2 ormus treatment device for 0.75 hours (i.e., 45 minutes) seems, just as appears true for 3-day water from the traditional version of the device, to retain at least 97% of the beneficial effect for at least 8 to 10 weeks, and at least 85% of the beneficial effect for at least 32 weeks.

  • SAM nutritional supplement liquid treated in a MEOW SM-2 treatment device for 0.25 hours (i.e., 15 minutes) seems, just as appears true for 3-day treated SAM liquid from the traditional version of the device, to retain at least 97% of the beneficial effect for at least 40 weeks, and at least 85% of the beneficial effect for at least 2.4 years (27 months).

Some Effects I Have Noticed From Ingesting MEOW Water

From the start, I filled the bottles only with pristine, totally unfiltered and untreated (semi-hard) mountain well water from my kitchen tap, and, after allowing the bottles to age for four days in the devices, I started drinking one bottle of water per day, spread over the day. Thus, each day I drank 4-day treated water. After about three months on this regimen, I started adding tiny amounts of unrefined sea salt to the mountain well water to the bottles as I filled them prior to MEOW treatment, and I started drinking 1.5 24 ounce bottles of MEOW water from the traditional devices per day, and also started drinking one-half of a 24 ounce bottle of MEOW SM-2 water per day. Now, frankly speaking, while my intuition told me that the effects of the MEOW device upon water was very beneficial, I did NOT expect to see any noticeable effects in my body over time from drinking the water, if only because I am already quite healthy and already engage in a number of healthful practices. Here is a brief summary of my longstanding practices and indicators of well-being:

  • I eat a largely raw Paleolithic diet which includes raw animal foods

  • I ingest lots of antioxidant-rich and ormus-rich raw liquid nutritional supplements which had been fermented with syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM)

  • I ingest four to five 24 ounce bottles of traditional MEOW water and one 24 ounce bottle of SM-2 MEOW water per day.

  • MEOW water aside, I ingest lots of high-ormus products (other than SAM-fermented brews) each day, as, because of my research work, I tend to receive a lot of samples from vendors of ormus and ormus-like products, and so my lab and kitchen are full of such products.

  • I regularly ingest water which has been treated with field effects from various laminar crystals.

  • I ingest exotic clays containing exotic trace elements every day; some, such as Pascalite, are high in ormus-like content.

  • I engage in barefoot sungazing at least a few times per month; I have been sungazing since 1987.

  • I get at least 20 minutes of barefoot contact with the earth (yes, even on 9 degree F days!) every day.

  • I live in a rural wilderness setting on a forested mountainside far from civilization

  • I drink only pristine unfiltered and untreated water from a mountain well; the well water appears to come from the same aquifer as that which feeds a well-known local roadside healing spring 250 yards up road from our home.

  • living in our home, I am constantly bathed in the subquantum field effects from about six to fifteen of my Coherent Space area treatment devices (mostly stored in my lab), including subquantum coherence field effect devices.

  • Lastly, I am a spiritual healer, and spend from 1.5 to 3 hours per day in meditation and in a "healing space", aka "God-surrender space".

  • I fall in that small percentage of adult Westerners whose overall body pH, as measured by early-AM salivary pH, is well into the alkaline range. My salivary pH normally falls in the pH range of 7.2 to 7.4, which is very rare in the Western world, where most adults (and even most children) exhibit excessive acidity of bodily tissues and fluids. I attribute this to my intake of a healthful diet and the fact that I ingest as supplements a number of alkalinizing minerals and trace elements. This is rather unusual in adult Westerners, and is an excellent non-invasive prognostic indicator for high levels of health, well-being and vitality.

  • My body tends to exhibit a rather high antioxidant network status and antioxidant reserve status, largely as measured by low levels of markers of oxidative damage to genetic material in my urine coupled with very low ORP of my urine, normally in the range of 20 mv or lower (and often in the range of -50 mv to -200 mv), and a urinary relative hydrogen score (aka RH2 score or RH score) below 18.0. This is rather unusual in adult Westerners, and is indicative of high antioxidant status, and is an excellent non-invasive prognostic indicator for high levels of health, well-being and vitality.
However, after having drunk the water daily for several months, I have been pleasantly surprised to have discovered several positive effects, as follows:
  • After some initial cleansing or detox symptoms, I found that I was feeling more robust and healthy on a deep level.

  • I have a number of missing and broken teeth, as a result of having had 48 amalgam fillings removed about 15 years ago for health reasons; this left many broken teeth and exposed "cavities" which eventually sealed over in time. I have never bothered -- in the time since the removal of the amalgams -- with going to a dentist to get crowns or other restorative work, as my mouth always feels best when it is far from dentists...! I also never brush or floss my teeth, acting on inner guidance. Although my oral health has been quite good for the past 5 years anyway, with near-zero gingivitis and near-zero periodontitis, I have noticed that my oral health has improved even further over the past couple of months; the change has been noticeable and significant.

  • As someone who was underweight and felt chronically cold for much of my life, I have valued the fact in the past few years that I rarely feel cold anymore, due in large part to eating a largely-raw diet which includes raw animal foods and also to ingesting beneficial syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM), and that I can now often tolerate cold outdoor temperatures more so than most other persons. We finally had very cold winter weather settle here in the past two weeks, and despite the sudden and delayed shift from warm weather to 10F to 18F weather, my body has adapted much more easily than in past winters, and in fact, I do not even bother to wear a jacket when I walk my dog in 15F winter temperatures. This is a change from my past patterns, and I suspect that it too is largely due to the ingestion of the water from the magnetite device.

  • I sometimes engage in an extreme outdoor adventure sport which can be quite physically demanding, and when so doing, I find that I seem to have more reserves and more robustness and greater focus during these potentially dangerous extreme activities.

  • A sense of having available to me deeper energy reserves on a deep energy level.

  • An increase in sexual energy, aka libido. I am in my mid-fifties, and although I was decidedly NOT trying to find ways to increase my sexual energy, I have noticed that a funny side-effect to drinking the water is a decided increase in the sexual energy available in my body. I have heard similar reports from several other persons who have drank the water from very similar devices. Since this observation correlates well with my concomitant perception of deeper energy reserves on a deep energy level, I can only speculate that the water is providing some kind of nutrient (whether physical or energetic) which is/was much-needed by my body.

Further Notes on Effects of Consuming MEOW Water
First, much as I have written in other venues, I wish to mention again that the physical effects which I am noting with the water (and other liquids, such as syntropic antioxidative microbial (SAM) brews and SAM Type 4 cultures) treated by the MEOW magnetite exposure devices are exceptional, as I have never really noticed any significant beneficial physical healing/regeneration effects from any other ormus products which I have ever tried -- despite the fact that I have ingested many over the years -- other than ingesting SAM liquid (which can often be quite high in ormus forms or in ormus-like effects.) However, as a researcher in the field of beneficial syntropic antioxidative microbes, and as someone who often drinks from 16 to 70 ounces of SAM liquids per day, I can say further, and with great confidence, that while I feel that overall the effects upon health of ingesting SAM as a nutritional supplement are very impressive -- largely due, no doubt, to the presence of large quantities of beneficial Paleo-era microbes (particularly the PNSB) and to the numerous raw live-food form antioxidants present in the liquid -- I feel that the ormus-like effects of the magnetite PWT immersion water (which I often call MEOW for short, where MEOW stands for "magnetite exposed ormus water") are even more astounding. Here is just a partial iteration of some of the reasons why I say this:
  • I have never seen the physical healing and regenerative effects which I am witnessing first-hand with MEOW (magnetite exposed ormus water) from ANY other ormus product.

  • In fact, the only effects I have ever noticed from even the most pricey ormus supplements (other than MEOW and SAM liquid) have been very mild and very subtle mental/consciousness effects, where it was a bit easier to enter some inner heart-centered states after ingesting them. And, while I have noticed some interesting symptoms which were likely tissue detox symptoms from ingesting some pricey ormus products, those symptoms never led to any noticeable shifts nor increases in levels of health or vitality, and, as I have noted in the past, it may also be true that those symptoms which I had labeled as cleansing or detox symptoms were really simply due to a total body overdose of hydrides (as in extremely low molecular weight hydrogen-based antioxidants) and perhaps a concomitant overdose of certain ormus elements as well.

  • I have never seen the strong physical healing and regenerative effects which I am witnessing firsthand with MEOW (magnetite exposed ormus water) from ANY other ormus-type product, not even from syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM). BTW, while it is true that I have witnessed wonderful shifts in health and well-being in myself and in others due to ingesting SAM, it is hard to tell which effects are due to ormus and which are due to the other great things (i.e., raw live-food form antioxidants and Paleo-era microbes) found in the SAM which I ingest daily. In any case, while I have definitely noticed that ingestion of SAM has led to good improvements in my dental and gum health, and it has also, over time, definitely helped to improve my vitality and the tone, smoothness and softness of my skin, these effects are DWARFED by the rapid onset of even stronger regenerative effects since I have started to ingest the MEOW. I have listed some in bulleted items below...

  • Some of the healing and regenerative effects on the physical level which I am seeing since ingesting MEOW from both conventional MEOW devices and from my SM-1, SM-2 and SM-3 versions of the technology include:

    • darkening of hair color in the gray hair on my head (about 35% gray at start)

    • further softening and smoothing of my skin; this is pretty hard to believe because I already had very soft, supple and smooth skin for my age (mid-fifties, last time I checked)

    • noticeable improvements in my gum and dental health. I have numerous broken and exposed surfaces of teeth in my mouth due to removal in the past of massive amounts of amalgam fillings, and while my dental health was already very good (due largely to SAM ingestion, a partly-raw largely-Paleo diet, and mineral and trace element supplementation), I have seen numerous further improvements in dental and gum health since starting to ingest MEOW.

    • rather great increase in libido (which I had not been seeking; it came as a surprise.) This includes, as many other males now ingest MEOW have reported, more frequent and stronger penile erections, reminiscent of when I was 25 or 30 years younger. One man who is nearing age sixty reported to me that after drinking two bottles of MEOW SM-2 water (those bottles, incidentally, had been shipped to him via UPS ground, traveling across country for six days and also undoubtedly exposed during shipping to examination by powerful X-ray devices) in two days, he experienced spontaneous nocturnal penile erections which were larger and harder than he had experienced since his teenage years.

    • a very noticeable increase in the rate of growth of my head hair and my fingernails. While the increase in rate of growth of hair on my scalp seems modest, the rate of increase in the rate of growth of my fingernails is astounding; they are growing two to three times faster than they had previously. Strangely, I notice no concomitant increase in the growth rate of my toenails, but I do notice a related improvement in my toenails (listed below.) Lastly, I note that I have noticed no increase in the rate of grown of my facial hair, aka beard.

    • I have had fungal nail, aka athlete's nail, on a number of my toenails for about 35 years. This condition improved somewhat when I started to ingest syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM), and improved even more when I started to spray my toenails with SAM each morning after leaving the shower, but the fungal nail infection was still quite noticeable on six or seven of my toenails. I noticed with some degree of shock the other day that there has been a major improvement in those affected nails in the 2-3 months in which I have been drinking MEOW.

  • I have noticed some modest shifts in non-physical realms, such as spiritual-type effects, as well, and I suspect that they reflect the fact that my body is simply more robust because it is getting more of the nutrients (particularly ormus-type elements) which it needed. The greatest effect which I have noticed in this realm is the fact that I am able to stay even more easily during my daily activities in what I will call "heart space".

A Distinction Between "Normal" Magnetic Devices and the MEOW Technology

While some folks tend to lump the magnetite/MEOW devices under the general heading or category of "water treatment by magnets", I feel that there is a very big difference, both qualitative and quantitative, between the MEOW water and water treated by magnetic-only devices such as magnetic "vortex" treatment devices and devices which expose water to a magnetic field from a strong magnet for a period of time. A list of some of the differences which I have observed between MEOW and conventional magnet-treated water follow:

  • I have never witnessed the kinds of physical or metaphysical effects which I have noted above (as due to ingestion of MEOW) from simple magnetic treatment of water, not even to a small degree.

  • I have NEVER heard (or seen) anyone claim the kinds of healing and regenerative effects on the physical level from magnetic-treated water as many have reported from MEOW.

  • my lab studies show that MEOW water (when compared to untreated water) shows a somewhat different signature in UV absorbance and UV transmission spectrophotometry than does water treated with a simple magnetic treatment.

  • my lab studies show that MEOW water (when compared to untreated water) shows a somewhat different signature in certain measures (some of which must remain proprietary for now, due to commitments to a consulting client) of the material properties of water than does water subjected to simple magnetic treatment.

  • my lab studies using Western scientific instruments and also the observations of physical effects of MEOW water by myself and others indicate strongly that MEOW water retains its ormus-like effects for a long time post-treatment, in the order of at least weeks or months, whereas water treated with most conventional magnetic treatments tends to exhibit a return of all values and properties to or near normal pre-treatment status within two to three days -- if not far sooner -- post-treatment.
  • further, my intuition strongly tells me that the MEOW effect is primarily not due to magnetism.

Some Notes About Similar Magnetite Technologies From the Past

Much as a few other posters and I have mentioned on past posts on my Ormus-PWT email list group (which is largely devoted to MEOW technologies and related field effect ormus-like technologies), several of us have played with magnetite sand-filled pillows (they are extremely heavy, by the way), magnetite "beds", magnetite "saunas" (where a person is surrounded on all sides and also from below by a thickness of at least two to five feet of magnetite, and even magnetite-filled pendants (these interest me the least, due to the tiny amount of magnetite sand which they can hold.) In fact, I have produced some of these products for use by friends, etc. Well, it turns out that such ideas are not at all new, as we shall see below, as there seems to be a rather long history regarding use of the subtle energy field effects of magnetite sand for healing. As I have already related elsewhere on the web, on my recent trip to the Southwestern US, I met and befriended a semi-retired man named Jim who has had a lifelong passion for rocks, ores and gems and who owns a related business dealing in ores and minerals; he also has a small shrine of a spiritual/religious nature on his property which is quite fascinating in itself. Jim was fascinated by my interest in magnetite sand for healing, and he told me that during the period from about 1989 to 1998 there had been quite a bit of local interest in the Tucson and Phoenix areas of Arizona in magnetite exposure healing devices, all of which used magnetite black sand as the sole "active ingredient". He told me that these products were locally-built by two local men with some interest in black sands and ores (and also in gold and alchemy), and that their magnetite healing effect products ranged from large (and heavy) sleeping mats and mattresses to shoe inserts, and that these products were very much in vogue as healing devices in some circles in central and southern Arizona during that period. I have since received independent reports from three other fringe science researchers located in the Southwest which confirm these tales recounted by Jim and who also confirmed the connection to Wilhelm Reich (more below) and his work in the Tucson, AZ area in the early to mid-1950s.

Several folks in the magnetite subtle energy-healing effects world have speculated that these magnetite products were apparently inspired at least in part by the interest which Wilhelm Reich expressed in magnetite and other iron oxides during his time in Tucson in the 1950s and his concomitant belief that exposure to such iron oxides had great healing potential due to their orgone (i.e., subtle energy) effects. In fact, Reich apparently claimed that magnetite exhibited properties which increased health and immunity and accellerated healing when people were in close proximity to it. Further, several sources in the Tucson area -- where Reich did much of his cloudbuster work -- including people who worked with Reich in assembling cloudbusters, report that Reich filled the lower part of the tubes (aka "pipes") in his cloudbusters with magnetite sand, as he felt that this increased the orgone effect of the cloudbuster device. Incidentally, on a vaguely-related note, I have learned that some conspiracy theorists have been claiming that "the government" has been seeding the air with magnetite sand dust in order to "intensify the effects of radar" (sic) to render it more effective in detecting distant aircraft and missiles. I personally see a lot of flaws with this theory, but it is at least worth a smile...!

Jim reported that the Tucson-area man who had created/constructed and marketed these products during the 1990s was named Tommy Hoss and he reportedly had at times as a partner another Tucson-area man named “Red”. According to my friend Jim, Tommy and Red constructed the magnetite products primarily in Tucson and marketed a number of these products in the Tucson area and also all across central and southern Arizona, and there are some reports that at least some of the products were marketed across the USA as well via a bit of judiciously-placed advertising in some alternative health-related magazines. My friend remembers that some of the earlier magnetite-filled mats were assembled and filled on his warehouse floor by Tommy Hoss, as Tommy had rented some commercial space from him for a while during the period in question. Jim further reports that Tommy eventually moved to Kingman, AZ by the late 1990s to pursue his interests in gold and alchemy (primarily recovery of gold and precious metals from black sands), and that Tommy died about 5 years ago; he was apparently in at least his mid-seventies at the time of his death. One recent caller from Sedona was able to confirm much of Jim's report, and also advised me that a man in the Tucson/Phoenix area who had been somewhat of a colleague to Tommy and Red continues to this day to occasionally market magnetite sand on the web as a nutritional supplement for animals and as an amendment for garden and agricultural soil; I was, after a bit of searching on the web, able to locate the website in question, and it does offer magnetite for sale, but every time I have visited the website, all of the magnetite products have been listed as "out of stock/not available".

And, while on the topic of subtle energy field effects of magnetite, it appears that Wilhelm Reich not only claimed repeatedly that iron oxides such as magnetite exhibited strong orgone-like (aka subtle energy) healing effects, but, according to a number of sources (including some web references which may largely be accessed by Googling ["Wilhelm Reich" magnetite] that he also ran a number of experiments in growing plants using magnetite sand as a kind of orgone (subtle energy) supplement. A number of the tales regarding Reich's interest in the subtle energy healing effects of magnetite and other iron oxides have recently been confirmed for me as well by my friend and colleague H., who is a long-term Arizona resident and who is also rather heavily involved in the ormus world and in the magnetite effect ormus water (MEOW) world as well.

Of course, a number of New Age sources, including a number of books on the metaphysical properties of crystals, minerals and gems, have also widely claimed that magnetite was often employed by a number of cultures over a span of thousands of years for its subtle energy field effects. In fact, two such books which I recently referenced claimed in particular that magnetite had been extensively used for healing effects by the ancient Egyptians and that it also had been extensively used a bit more recently for its healing effects by Franz Mesmer, a Viennese physician who eventually attracted the wrath of the mainstream medical establishment with his talk of "magnetic healing". While I believe that Dr. Mesmer and his unorthodox healing methods were likely "real" and legitimate despite the attacks which were leveled against him by the medical establishment of the first half of the 20th century, I am somewhat wary of the balance of the New Age claims about the history of magnetite until and unless I see some corroborating evidence from outside the admittedly somewhat frivolous New Age world.

A Note About a Report of a Possibly Related Phenomenon

I will note that the only report that I have ever encountered about magnetic field treatment of water or similar field treatments which ever came close (but not very close) to the reports which I am hearing (and which John Milewski has related) about MEOW water is as follows:

In the year 2000, I spent a week visiting a mad scientist/inventor friend who is very intuitive (much like me, his intuition guides all of his R&D work.) His newest obsession at the time of my visit was high powered lasers, and in fact, much of his 10,000 square foot lab space was occupied by two laser techs/experts who worked for him and by over a million dollars worth of high-power laser hardware. One of the lasers was a high-powered yttrium laser, specifically, a variant on a YAG laser, where YAG denotes yttrium aluminium garnet (YAG, Y3Al5O12; please note that ytrium is a rare earth element, and I feel that rare earth elements have great connection with ormus effects...) is a synthetic crystalline material of the garnet group, used as the active laser medium. This laser was in the 500W plus power range, and took up a whole workbench, and involved strong magnetic fields and also a water cooling jacket (constructed, as I recall, out of glass and stainless steel). My scientist friend and his lead laser expert told me several times, with some excitement, that they had noticed that if they drank the exhaust cooling water from the YAG laser cooling jacket while the laser was running, they felt a tremendous "rush" of energy in their bodies, and could stay awake for many hours on end, and that their minds became simultaneously very clear and relaxed. My two colleagues also uttered some vague reports of additional temporary improvements in health and vitality from ingesting the water from the YAG laser cooling jacket.

The above story is not surprising to me, because the water in the laser device in the tale was exposed to strong magnetic fields, to coherent laser light and to a massive YAG crystal as well. John and I believe that crystalline materials of many types are uniquely able to "store" ormus forms of elements, and that some such crystals may, in a fashion similar to that exhibited by magnetite, be able to induce creation or appearance of ormus substances in nearby materials such as water.

Some Additional Notes and Links Regarding MEOW Water and Similar Magnetite-Exposed Waters

I have noticed that a company based in the USA has, for years, been importing water from a mountainside spring in Japan and markets it as a "healing water" water; they call it Nariwa Water. Now, what is interesting about their mountain spring water is that they claim that it comes from a mountain where it is exposed to large masses of magnetite for years before percolating down to the aquifer and then eventually emerging at the spring; they claim that this prolonged exposure to magnetite yields long-lasting changes in their water which cannot be seen in water treated with magnets alone, and they assert that they have numerous lab tests to back up their claims of the fundamental difference in properties between their water and spring water treated by magnets. Further, they claim that the water from this spring has a long history as a healing water, and they reproduce on their website a number of testimonials and anecdotal case reports where they claim that folks who drank their water were healed from serious chronic diseases by drinking the water for periods ranging from a few weeks to a few months. I take all such commercial claims with a grain of salt, but what interested me here is the magnetite connection and the health claims. Their main website for the product may be found at and their so-called "research information" website (it is a bit skimpy, and many of the claims appear to be very much unsubstantiated...) may be found at

I have also found some French-language discussions of the MEOW device on several French Canadian websites originating in Quebec. If you wish to take a look at one of them, here is the link:

Lastly, for an English-language link containing a funny anecdotal report on use/effects of MEOW (look down near the bottom of the page):

Results of Some Scientific Laboratory Tests

I have performed some laboratory assays of the water treated by the basic MEOW device and also by the SM-1 and SM-2 devices, compared to samples of untreated water employed as a control. For more information on testing results, please see the Test Results and Scientific Data page on this website.

Requests for Bottles of MEOW Water and for PoP Prototype Devices Assembled Using Sturdy Plastic Shells

When I first started disseminating information about this technology and my observations and developments in this field, my assumption was that a large number of folks reading this information and who were interested in creating such devices would take this information and "run with it" -- that is, that they would go ahead and build one or more devices for their own use at home or in their lab. In reality, that outcome has happened to only a very limited extent, and, to a far greater extent, I have been contacted by many folks who have read my reports of my research with great interest, but they have told me that they have no interest in creating their own devices, and rather advised me that they were strongly hoping that I would offer a line of pre-assembled devices (including both the basic technology and my SM-2 design, but incorporating my special supplemental mixture for the sand) and/or that I would also offer for sale bottles of spring water treated in the devices here at my home and laboratory. What really puzzled me was that most of these request came from males, a number of whom are scientists or engineers, and gee, the cultural gender stereotype says that most males love to build things with their hands, so this made it all the more confusing! However, when I asked these people why they wanted to purchase the devices and/or treated water from me rather than build one or more devices themselves, they all replied that in essence they felt that any device or bottle of treated water produced by me would somehow be "more powerful" or "more effective" than if they were to create such a device themselves at home or in their shop or lab. I resisted such entreaties for the first few months, but, as of mid-March 2007, the volume and intensity of requests had increased to the point that I posted some prototype devices for sale. Since then, I have invested an additional $1,000 in materials and an even larger amount in having parts machined by a precision machine shop, and have also gotten tentative pricing estimates from my mechanical assembly subcontractors and have come up with cost/price estimates, and I am willing to tentatively offer the following for sale only to interested researchers and experimenters:
  • a few largely-assembled fill-it-yourself proof-of-principle (PoP) prototype devices, employing sturdy plastic construction and larger volumes of magnetite/supplement mixture than normally employed in the traditional cardboard oatmeal can version of the design. The sturdy plastic construction yields a device which may be safely shipped in the fully-assembled form, and which is much more hardy and resistant to everyday household abuse than the original cardboard design. I am offering the devices in two prototype versions: a basic (somewhat traditional) design and the SM-2 version.

  • bottles of spring water treated for at least 3 full days and nights with my earlier device design (similar to the traditional design first shared by John Milewski, but incorporating my supplemental rock/gem/trace element mixture.)

  • bottles of spring water treated with the SM-2 MEOW device for at least 12 hours.

  • I continue to offer the magnetite sand supplemental mixture for those who are interested.

  • Lastly, I strongly encourage all those who are experimenting with these devices to harvest their own "wildcrafted" magnetite sand locally or to purchase high-grade magnetite black sand from John Milewski; please see the Sources for Magnetite Sand page for further details. 

For more information on these product offerings, please see the Experimental Ormus Water Treatment Product Offerings page in this directory.

An Email List Group on Magnetite Effect Ormus Water (MEOW) Treatment Technologies

The Forbidden Science (VP) group hosted at encompasses and subsumes topics covered by each of the several relevant legacy list groups that I had operated at private Yahoo Groups, including Exotic Energies, Ormus-like, Ormus PWT, Time-Space Doorways, Elixir Vitae, Jenny Cell, Radiation Hormesis/Radiation Nutrition, and Quantum Quiet (space effect devices) legacy list groups.

Forbidden Science (VP)
The term "forbidden science" was first coined in the 1980s by Dr. Jaques Vallee, a PhD computer scientist and strange/fringe science researcher, to describe those fields of scientific investigation that the current scientific "establishment" tends to view as quack science, or as fringe science, and as undesirable topics for "serious" scientists to research; those fields include the topic of UFOs and "space aliens", alchemy, ormus nutritionals, the paranormal, overunity devices, exotic energies (aka prana or chi) beyond the pale of conventional electromagnetics, and numerous other "fringe science" and "strange science" realms.

This list group serves as a continuation of the various legacy forbidden science list groups, listed above, that were operated by Vinny Pinto for 15+ years until the October 2019 downscaling of Yahoo Groups. Vinny is a mystic, spiritual teacher/guide, spiritual healer, and a multi-disciplinary consulting and R&D scientist/engineer.

The primary focus of this list group is to discuss topics in the realms of forbidden science, aka strange science, aka fringe science, including UFOs and "space aliens", alchemy, ormus nutritionals, the paranormal, overunity devices, exotic energies (aka prana or chi) beyond the pale of conventional electromagnetics, and numerous other "fringe science" and "strange science" realms.

While the name and description of this list group are publicly listed at and on search engines, all posts sent to the list group are private and are viewable by list group members only. This is a moderated list group. Further, all applicants wishing to join the list group must state their reasons for wishing to join along with their name and general location, and all posts sent to the list group must be signed with the poster's first and last name in order to be published. We do not tolerate hate posts, and we do not tolerate trolls, nor troll posts.

How to Join
If you are interested in joining this list group, you may do so by visiting the list group home page and clicking "Join" at:

Or you may send an email to:

Please note that the list group, as is true of all of my email list groups, are restricted-membership list groups, and thus, once you have applied to join, you will then shortly receive an email from the mailserver, entitled something along the lines of "Your Pending Membership in….", which will ask you for certain information; you will need to send the requested information (including your first and last name) back to the list group moderators by replying to the message if you wish your application for membership to be approved.


A Short Glossary
Please bear in mind as you peruse the pages of this website the meanings of the following terms:

MEOW -- magnetite effect ormus water

MEOW device -- a device employing a mass of magnetite black sand which is used for MEOW transformation of water or other aqueous liquids. A MEOW device usually consists of a container holding a shell of magnetite with a hollow within into which a bottle of water may be inserted for treatment.

MEOW kettle -- an alternate term for a MEOW device; term is used interchangeably with the terms MEOW device or MEOW alembic.

MEOW alembic -- an alternate term for a MEOW device; term is used interchangeably with the terms MEOW kettle or MEOW device.

If you wish to read more about these terms and how they came into use, please see the section entitled A Note on Boring Terms and Not-So-Boring Terms and a Short Glossary, on the main page of this website.


This material is offered solely for educational and informational purposes. Any products and/or information presented are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (in USA.) 

Any products, technologies or devices mentioned on this page are experimental prototypes only, produced for the sole purposes of research and Proof of Principle (PoP) evaluation by professional or individual researchers or experimenters. The reader understands that the author is not engaged in rendering health or medical advice or services.  The site owner and authors provide this information, and the reader accepts it, with the understanding that people act on it at their own risk and with full knowledge that they should consult with licensed primary care medical professionals for any medical assistance they may need.  The author(s) of the material presented on this site are neither medical nor nutritional professionals. 

If you wish to learn more about my work and/or about my consulting services, please feel free to visit my main website at

Footnote #1: Reference for definition of alembic as "...anything that transforms, purifies, or refines.", as follows:alembic. Unabridged (v 1.1). Random House, Inc. (accessed: April 25, 2007).

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